Numbered white papers are very popular because they are the easiest to browse because they are “numbered”. This style breaks up large paragraphs and ideas to make them easily digestible.

When To Use A Numbered List Whitepaper (Guide): This kind of whitepaper is great for engaging a list that you already have. You have provided an Opt-In or Industry guide or free report but this group hasn’t purchased anything as of yet. A numbered list as part of a follow-up email sequence engages them again and keeps your company top of mind.

Numbered List Titles From Real World Whitepapers:

  • 7 Signs Your IT Organization is Out of Touch with “The Business” (
  • 10 Reasons Why Documents and Spreadsheets Are Killing Your Career (
  • Virtual Worlds for Kids, Tweens & Teens: 7 Must-Have Features (interFUEL Interactive Design + Technology)
  • Six Do’s and Don’ts for Choosing the Right IT Service Provider: An Executive’s Guide and Checklist (iCorps)
  • 7 Key Pillars to Drive Product Availability in Your Supply Chain(Elementum)
  • 3 Steps Toward a Healthier Bottom Line (Elementum)

Work Samples – Elle Terrell Whitepaper Source